North Shore Market Update | August 2019

We are in the Spring!  And Daylight saving is just around the corner (29th September)!  How does this affect the housing market on the North Shore?

We are seeing more active buyers coming through open homes.  While earlier in the year, buyers seemed to be ‘speculating’ for further housing price drops and taking a more-or-less ‘observational’ stand, real estate agents are definitely seeing more buying actions happening now.  What changed?

In summary, this timing opens up an opportunity to list your property with less competition!

Here is my advice:  Talk to your trusted agent now if you are thinking about selling.  Finding solutions now may work out more efficiently and happily for you rather than waiting for a change in the market.  From what we can see, the market has changed from where it was 6 months ago.  If you still have doubts, simply ask for a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) from your agent and understand what your house could sell for at the moment.  Take it step-by-step, as you should!